Property & Investments

Over the years the Company has diversified into the Property Rental Market.

Warehouse & Offices - St Clair Street LeithThis started during the late 90’s as the business expanded and the company built further warehousing for its own use and for renting to other businesses.  Subsequent developments have been for Warehousing , Printing , Motor Factors and Cash and Carry.

Our latest development is a mixture of Warehousing and Commercial Office Rentals.

Our investment strategy has been to develop the Manufacturing capabilities of our supply partners in China and India. While we have been involved in a complete rebuild of a factory and new production lines we prefer just to invest in machinery and equipment to help automate production, improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs.

Often factories in India will subcontract part of their production to other smaller local factories. This will often lead to compromising the supply chain on quality, environmental and other social responsibilities. Where this occurs, we make the necessary investment and bring this back into the factory. Much of this investment runs alongside improving working conditions for the staff and ensuring we are fully compliant with all environmental standards. Key to the success of our investment is to work closely with key partners so we can align our production to meet the needs of the customer.

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